In a nutshell

We are #start-up

One of the five projects at the Greenlight Start-Up show 2023! 

We are one of the five startups in the Czech Republic that made it to the spectacular StartUp show within the Greenlight accelerator !!!

Official statement:

"We are preparing for you a Startup Show on a scale that has never been seen before."

Our dream team

This is us, three friends who decided to make a difference!

Jirka (George)

A technology guru and IT brain, he has been working on the project from the very beginning and now has co-founder status.


Phone: +420 773 987 317


The originator of the idea and the "father" of our project, on his shoulders rests the weight of the business.


Phone: +420 603 154 435

Kuba (Jacob)

Our communicator and newest key member of the team, he takes care of our appearance and promotion and if you make contact with us, it will be Kuba who answers you first!